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Here are the top ten articles for the Stress Management Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. From Doormat to Diva in 3 Steps
If you have served as a doormat, time to transform yourself into the polar opposite to correct the situation: the diva. Divas ask for what they need/want because they value themselves. Divas sing for themselves.

2. The Silver Lining of Social Distancing
Social distancing has been especially hard for most of us because we are tribal by nature and love getting together with family and friends. With all this free time and space we can percolate what makes us truly happy.

3. How to Become More Resilient

4. Aim for the Ordinary, Not the Mediocre
The ordinary often turns out to be the extraordinary. Of course, the ordinary does not mean that you accept mediocrity. Here are ordinary activities that yield big results:

5. COVID-19: A War of Intolerance
One would think there would be great unity during a pandemic. Instead two opposing groups are stressing everyone out with judgment like a bad family dinner.

6. New Year, But Keep the Same You
Typical New Year¡¦s advice focuses on ephemeral resolutions. All these compulsory promises made during the dead of winter when the days are darker, colder and you have less energy. Seriously, aren¡¦t you tired and bored with this useless and frustrating ritual? Personalities and core values are pret

7. The Positive Side Effects of COVID-19
The corona virus has triggered dramatic life altering changes in lightning speed. However, some changes might actually take hold, helping us to revise hand-me-down customs for the better. Did you know that after a tsunami and a forest fire the land becomes more fertile?

8. Menopause? Time to Hit Refresh
Menopause connotes negativity - men o pause ¡V the end of male interest; an unwelcome byproduct of this perception would be turning into an invisible woman, or worse, an old woman. Let¡¦s focus on the truer reality: You can age backwards.

9. Manage the Stress of Coronavirus
The coronavirus fills us with fear because of its mysterious origin, ambiguous end date and the tremendous change which suddenly has altered our daily lives. Essentially, all three conditions exploded at once! Here¡¦s how to manage:

10. How to Strengthen Your Mind
It is pretty certain that none of us want to lose our minds. Strengthening the mind involves growing new brain cells to replace damaged ones, enhancing sluggish synaptic connections. Here¡¦s how:

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